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Introducing the Refresh Website Package by Contact.

At Contact, for over 15 years we’ve believed in every business having an online presence that works inline with their business goals.

We understand how to design faster, more attractive websites and improve the user journey throughout the site to increase your website conversions.

The Refresh website package is the sum of all our knowledge and skills – our top design and our best practices applied together.

The package is perfectly suited to existing businesses who feel their website is under performing or doesn’t reflect the excellence of their people, their product / service or their brand.

If you need a brand new site still get in touch to have a chat, we think you’ll love what we can do for you.

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Sites that have been Refreshed before

Here are a selection of sites that we have Refreshed recently.

Extra Functionality

Companies who purchase our Refresh Package can choose from one of the following additional features:

A Campaign Ready Website

This is not a template. This is not a brochure. This is the heart of your marketing.

We provide truly bespoke website design, optimised for your brand, your goals and your target market. Websites are too important for compromise. With a stunning homepage, rich blog pages and up to ten campaign-ready landing pages for your products and services, your new website will act as the perfect hub for all your digital marketing.

Our websites are performance optimised and we seek to provide the functionality that empowers your business.

Websites can be more than a brochure or a trust indicator, they can also be a sales machine.

Set Up For Success

We will perform an extensive site mapping and information architecture exercise on your website, refine your website content in relation to keyword research, optimise for page speed and provide schema and meta descriptions.

If you don’t know what that means don’t worry — that’s why we’re doing it for you.

We will lay the foundation that your website needs to rank well in the face of an increasingly discerning Google.

Additionally, we’ll perform the first month’s SEO for you – submitting your site to directories, performing a Google My Business & Google Maps assessment.

We’ll also plan the website transition, so Google sees the change as positive. Often site transitions are botched and result in negative SEO effects — not with us.

World Class Hosting

We build for speed – it’s what users want and it’s what Google wants.

We have client sites that load in less than a second – these gains are crucial when you are competing for attention against apps.

Your site is hosted within a multi-tiered isolated environment with corporate level firewall security protection.

Our hosting is kept up to date with the latest protocols and techniques, making it very search engine friendly.

All hosting comes with SSL as Standard – we don’t compromise on user safety or GDPR compliance. Websites come with 1 year of complimentary hosting.


Newsletters & Lead Magnets

Newsletters can help keep customers on top of news, sales, deals and offers.

Newsletter series and lead magnets (downloadable resources such as e-books, checklists or whitepapers) enable sales teams in business to business environments.

Regardless of your needs, we will set up the desired functionality on your new website and offer a 1-hour consultancy session to aid you with your email content strategy to get you started.


Copywriting Services

Solving customers problems. You do it every single day.

Communicating this in a clear, concise and structured fashion while giving relevant examples isn’t that easy.

That’s where we step in.

We’ll research and write your website copy for you – in concert with you. This ensures three important things:

a) The content is relevant and Search Engine friendly

b) The copy is consistent in style and tone

c) The website is launched swiftly

By enlisting the help of a professional writer, the content on your website can enhance your brand, help convince visitors to get in touch, appeal to your target demographic and be created promptly.


Live Chat

Live chat is a new avenue of communication that lets customers talk to the right person at the right time.

It reduces friction in the sales process by building trust in your brand.

Chat interfaces are hugely familiar to people who have even the most basic knowledge about technology. They let customers know that they are getting the right information without having to search or download a spec sheet.

Research by Kayako shows that over half of consumers are more likely to repurchase from a company who offer live chat support.


Brand Refresh

Does your logo look tired? Does it work well inside a circle or square across the various social media channels? Does your brand make you proud?

A brand refresh can benefit your business immensely – providing a makeover for your company. Refresh the perceptions of your branding with an update that can work across physical and digital channels.

By updating your logo and providing a set of brand guidelines, a brand refresh can provide a fresh perspective on your company. A refreshed logo allows you to maintain the lineage of your brand while accounting for today’s audiences.

old-logo-wide new-logo-wide

Subscriptions & Payments

Being able to take simple payments through your website for services such as coaching or consultancy can represent an easy way to get your bills paid. 

Taking recurring monthly subscriptions for services such as cleaning, gardening or factoring can ensure a steady revenue.

We will set up to 5 simple payments types – whether one off or subscriptions using a one-page checkout tied to either your Stripe or Paypal account. Get paid, through your website.


Care Package

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, used by some of the top websites. It is known for its power and flexibility but it does require maintenance. That’s where our care package comes in.

With timely system, theme and plugin updates your website will remain up–to-date and secure. By reducing the potential for software compromises, your website retains GDPR compliance.

Think it's time for a Refresh?

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If your business has more complex needs.

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Create unique invoice payment forms for your customers - giving them an easy way to pay.

Manage bookings for your business - taking payments and updating staff calenders.

Manage projects with clients - providing them with logins to a bespoke project space.

Integrate with your company's event calendar and facilitate ticket sales or RSVP.

Manage affiliate programmes - including sign up, resources and payouts.

Manage the selling of houses - create a fully featured estate agency or property management website.

Manage large online retail sales - create an e-commerce website that can deal with many products and transactions.

Teach a course online - manage video playlists, course sales, tests and resources.

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