Is your website costing you customers?

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At Contact, we've been making websites that work for over 15 years.

We know that badly put together websites fail businesses: they don't drive sales, they don't drive leads and they make visitors question your brands trustworthiness.

Does your website have a solid technical foundation? Is it secure? Is it compliant?

Google cares about the technical makeup of your website, this Free Report will let you know where your website needs work done.

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What We Look For

There are many other factors like User Journeys, User Experience that requires a person with knowledge and experience to assess the site, however we have found that if your website is a slow loading, untrustworthy one then it has will have a negative impact on your conversion rate.


Fast Websites Sell More

We check if your website is optimised for performance and if your server is capable of delivering it. Extensive evidence has shown that slow websites lose customers. 


Is your website secure?

By not complying with modern best practices, you will see lower conversion rates, your website will be hampered with “Not Secure” warnings and you could potentially breach GDPR and receive a large fine.


The majority of web traffic is mobile traffic.

If your website isn’t responsive then you are ostracising large amounts of potential customers. Mobile is the future of the web and it’s time to get on board.

Tired of your website underdelivering?

It's time for a refresh.

Beautifully Designed, Customer Focused, Highly Effective is what your website should be – something to be proud of.

It’s your most valuable marketing asset, capable of making sales by itself yet many business owners are disappointed with their website’s performance.

Want to get more out of your online presence?

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Is your website costing you customers?

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